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May 16, 2024
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Trane Adds Tracer Concierge to Controls Offerings

April 14, 2015
Trane has added Tracer Concierge to its building controls portfolio. A building automation system (BAS) provides centralized control of a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning and lighting, and Concierge is a simplified BAS — giving building owners sophisticated building control via one easy-to-use interface. 

With Concierge, energy efficiency is improved through the ability to easily manage multiple rooms and HVAC and lighting equipment from one simplified interface, providing advanced capabilities compared to a programmable thermostat. The system comes with Trane components and features that help make building operation easier, including scheduling that can be easily configured to a specific facility and optimal start and stop function. The result is optimized building performance, improved comfort and reduced operating costs.

The touch-screen display has standard screens that can be changed to reflect a specific building and shows helpful information, including scheduling at a glance for all parts of a building. From a single point of control, the system provides the ability to group multiple rooms, components, HVAC and lighting equipment based on the way the area is used in the building, eliminating the need to program multiple thermostats.

“With Concierge, users get more functionality than a traditional thermostat with the same ease of operation. It is simplified, sophisticated control for the entire building,” said Dave Molin, vice president of control products for Trane North America. “Building automation improves performance and efficiency and maintains occupant comfort for a facility. Concierge provide these benefits without added complexity, so facility owners and managers can run their buildings simply and smartly.”

Concierge comes preloaded with a scheduler that can be modified to fit how a building is used. Schedules can be set for 365 days, rather than the daily or weekly options with most programmable thermostats, to save time spent managing a building. In addition, Concierge is PIN protected to eliminate the risk of system overrides, ensuring the system performs as expected and maintains operating efficiency. Concierge is Web-enabled, so buildings can be connected for easy diagnostics, offering easier access for service and trouble shooting, to minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs. The system also uses Trane Air-Fi wireless technology, eliminating the need for wired components for simplified installation and reduced occupant disruption in existing buildings.

Gaining building automation with Concierge provides the ability to capture and measure energy data, giving building owners and facility managers the option to gain additional insights into building performance and usage that can drive improvement and efficiency.

The system also provides flexibility to meet changing building needs in the future. Built on a platform that supports open standards, Concierge can integrate various systems and equipment — old, new, Trane and non-Trane — to automate and optimize building performance, reduce operating costs and leverage existing equipment.