Prevent Mold in Multi-family Units with Innovative Dehumidifier

April 14, 2015

Developers, mechanical engineers, architects and facility owners alike understand that humidity happens. Innovative Dehumidifier knows that mold doesn’t have to happen. Ocean Isle based Innovative Dehumidifier, has launched a solution, the IW25-1, designed specifically to protect multifamily units from mold.

When it comes to dehumidifiers designed for multifamily properties, size and capacity matter. Humidity solutions prior to Innovative Dehumidifier forced multifamily owners and facility managers to utilize either portable or whole home dehumidifiers for humidity relief. While portable units were noisy and cumbersome, whole home models were expensive and inefficient.  Both models relied on resident cooperation to be effective solutions. The IW25-1’s just-right size makes a significant impact on pre-existing humidity challenges with a water removal capacity of 25 pints per day. Removing nearly 22 gallons of water per week, the system is a compact and powerful solution for multifamily dwellings. The IW25-1 is also priced 40-50% less than the average, much larger and more costly whole home system.

The IW25-1 is designed to sit in a standard wall stud cavity. The installation and placement of the IW25-1 is less invasive than a whole home system and allows the property owner to maintain control of the unit. Quieter in operation than most refrigerators and dishwashers, the IW25-1 is seemingly unnoticeable. Drawing an average of 3.6 amps less than a whole home system the maintenance and energy costs of the unit are also lower.

The IW25-1 was inspired and created by multifamily construction company owner, Brian Smith, and apartment developer/ owner, Tom Honeycutt in 2012. After several years of attempting to refine the process of humidity control in multifamily spaces with already available products on the market, they decided to leverage their construction and developer expertise to create the first solution to multifamily unit mold and moisture control. The IW25-1 offers the most appropriate capacity and cost-effective humidity solution for multifamily properties, allowing both owners and residents to breathe easy.

The product recently won the People’s Choice Award for “Top New and Innovative Product” at the American Institute of Architects 2014 National Convention and Design Expo Product Marketplace.