Thomas & Betts Upgrades Ceiling Fan Boxes

May 19, 2015
Thomas & Betts Upgrades Ceiling Fan Boxes
Thomas & Betts has upgraded its Steel City ceiling fan boxes, to improve the speed and ease of installing ceiling fans and large fixtures. 

"The improvements we made to Steel City ceiling fan boxes were driven by extensive research and development to simplify their installation," said Chad Smith, global product group manager at T&B. "The result is a complete selection of boxes that save time and effort in both new construction and remodeling applications."

Ceiling fan boxes are available in multiple configurations to meet any installation requirements, including pan, shallow, deep and integral mounting bracket styles. They feature gold-finished no. 10 screws for easy identification as UL and NEC compliant for ceiling fan support. The high load ratings exceed UL requirements to accommodate large ceiling fans and heavy fixtures.

Boxes with bar hangers are available in new-work and old-work models. New-work bar hangers feature locating tabs to facilitate installation and a unique, arched profile for higher load ratings. The end plates include temporary fixing spikes for hands-free installation, and the telescoping bar expands to accommodate joists spaced from 16-24 inches. 

Boxes with old-work bar hangers are available in shallow and deep models. Designed for use in existing ceilings, they are installed through a 4-inch hole and then expanded to secure the box to the ceiling joists. They also are expandable for joists spaced from 16-24 inches. The shallow model features square end plates that require no alignment during installation.