Venstar Surveyor Panel Controls up to 10 Lighting Zones

May 19, 2015
Venstar Surveyor Panel Controls up to 10 Lighting Zones
Venstar Surveyor Panel Controls up to 10 Lighting Zones Venstar, a leading thermostat and energy management systems manufacturer, has released Surveyor, a LCP500 Load Control Panel that controls up to 10 independent lighting zones and supports daylight harvesting for significantly reduced energy costs. 

Now available throughout North America, Surveyor LCP500 load control panel is compatible with Venstar’s Surveyor energy management system (EMS), which helps small-box retailers manage energy usage and reduce costs, potentially saving millions of dollars per year.

“Venstar’s new Surveyor LCP500 Load Control Panel incorporates daylight harvesting, a technology that enables a reduction in store lighting when there is adequate natural daylight coming in through the windows,” said Steve Dushane, president and CEO of Venstar Inc.  “Together with Surveyor EMS, Surveyor LCP500 helps small-box retailers go green and reduce energy costs by managing thousands of locations from a mobile device or computer.”

Daylight Harvesting Significantly Reduces Energy CostsVenstar’s new Surveyor LCP500 Load Control Panel supports daylight harvesting, which uses natural outside light to reduce interior lighting.  The built-in lighting control system and networked sensors identify the levels of outside light coming in through windows and automatically adjust inside lights. 

Lighting can be dimmed by individual areas in the store to maintain a pre-set light level and provide a comfortable environment for customers and employees.  Daylight harvesting delivers a significant decrease in the lighting needed, which greatly reduces energy costs.  Small-box retail chains can expect to see significant savings when they incorporate daylight harvesting.

Controls up to 10 Lighting Zones With Multiple Control Methods
Venstar’s new Surveyor LCP500 controls up to 10 independent lighting zones and allows a variety of control methods, including event driven, time scheduled, manual operation and Internet control.  Users can choose one or a combination of the control methods to include multiple accessories that can be used to control the same lighting zone and allows for up to a two-hour override per zone. 

The Surveyor LCP500 incorporates a capacitive touch digital module and display.  This display panel gives the user feedback on status or errors that may occur in the store.  It also allows store personnel to input service requests.  The digital control module can be mounted remotely from the LCP 500.

The Surveyor LCP500 Control Panel is compliant with California’s Title 24 regulations, and it is UL listed and approved.