Testo Donates Bluetooth Manifolds to HVAC Educators

June 17, 2015
Thank you to Testo for providing the instruments. I have some very happy young students right now thanks to Testo,” said Tonny French

Testo, Inc. helped enhance the education of HVAC students at North Franklin Education Center in Mahone, NY by donating new testo 550 Digital Bluetooth Manifolds.  The digital manifolds will complement the accredited two year program at NFEC in Northern New York State and will allow the students to learn on real world instruments.

Mr. Tonny French, HVAC Instructor at NFEC, will now be able to teach using the Testo instruments and is glad to have the reliability of the Testo brand in his lab for the students.  “Thank you to Testo for providing the instruments.  I have some very happy young students right now thanks to Testo,” French said.

Testo sources said the company believes in giving back and is happy to help the community through many initiatives.

Testo, Inc. develops and manufactures handheld test and measurement instrumentation for numerous markets including HVACR, Emission Monitoring, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Life Sciences, and many other industries.  Additionally, Testo is recognized as a leading global manufacturer of portable combustion efficiency and air emission analyzers, temperature, pressure, moisture, and thermal imaging instruments.