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May 16, 2024
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Nest Announces New Innovations

June 18, 2015
Nest app 5.0 will send a message to the customer's phone if their hom gets too hot or too cold. Nest Cam has 1080-pixel video quality, and improved motion alerts and night vision. Nest Protect is not in its second generation, now with a custom, Split-Spectrum Sensor for improved fire detection.

June 18, 2015 — At a press conference today in San Francisco, Tony Fadell, co-founder/CEO of Nest Labs, announced a wide range of improvements that have been made to the entire Nest home controls and security product line.

New products announced by Fadell include the Nest Cam for home monitoring, the 2nd Generation Nest Protect, the new Nest Learning Thermostat, and Nest app 5.0.

Fadell also announced Nest has partnered with American Family and Liberty Mutual Insurance, to help customers stay safe while saving money on their insurance policies. Eligible customers can now get a Nest Protect for less cost or at no cost.

Nest Cam: New Design for Improved Home Security
Nest Cam gives people peace of mind and the ability to
stay connected to the things they care about. The all-new Nest Cam builds on the
Nest Cam
Dropcam features customers love, adding better video quality and a new design to make it even easier to keep an eye on your home. Nest Cam will be available for the first time in Europe, specifically in Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands and the U.K.

Additionally, together with YouTube, Nest is piloting the ability for YouTube creators to stream directly to YouTube Live from Nest Cam, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite personalities.

Nest Protect Now Speaks to You
The second generation Nest Protect has new features to help people know the alarm is working and running safely, and it now has up to a 10-year product lifetime. Like the first generation Nest Protect, it does more than just sound an alarm. It speaks to you, telling you what and where the problem is. 

The second generation Nest Protect is 11% smaller and sits more flush against the ceiling or wall. It has a stainless steel screen with tiny hexagonal holes designed to let in smoke for assessment while keeping everything else out.And the light ring now shines even brighter for a better Pathlight.Inside the new smoke chamber, Nest Protect uses two wavelengthsof light to look for both fast-and
The new Nest Protect can determine whether a fire is slow- or fast-burning.
slow-burning fires.

Safety Rewards Adds Savings to Security
Nest is partnering with forward-looking home insurance companies to help people stay safe while saving money on their insurance policies. Four out of five firefighters would trust Nest Protect to protect their homes, and insurance companies know that Nest Protect can keep families safe from smoke and carbon monoxide.

They’re working with Nest to give eligible customers a Nest Protect for less cost, or even at no cost. Additionally, through Nest Safety Rewards, a participating Nest insurance partner may give you a discount on your annual premiums.  Customers who elect to participate in Safety Rewards can share basic summarized information with participating insurance companies to verify that their Nest Protects are working. Specifically, once a month, Nest will tell a participating customer’s insurer if: 
1. Nest Protect’s batteries are charged
2. Its sensors are working 
3. Its Wi-Fi connection is good.

These monthly reports do not include whether the alarm went off, and even if a customer’s Nest Protect temporarily loses power or Wi-Fi connectivity, it won’t impact the benefits Nest’s insurance partners offer through Safety Rewards. And of course, customers can opt out of Safety Rewards at any time from within the Nest app or by contacting their insurance company.

Nest Learning Thermostat Software 4.5
The Nest Learning Thermostat is adding new features to both first and second generation products, and also has a new integration with Nest Protect to help keep Nest customers safer and more comfortable.

New features include:

  • Safety Temperature Alerts - Nest now sends a message to your phone if your home gets too hot or too cold. So you’ll get a notification if your pipes could freeze or a pet could overheat. When the temperature returns to normal, Nest will let you know.
  • Nest Protect Emergency Alerts - If you have a Nest Protect at home, you can now see smoke and CO alerts right on your thermostat. The more places you see an alarm, the more chances homeowners have of catching a problem early.
  • Nest Protect Emergency Shutoff - Some heating systems can be a source of CO leaks. Others can make a fire worse by spreading smoke throughout your home. Now your Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect can work together to turn off your forced air heating/cooling system in a smoke or CO emergency.
  • Improved multi-zone homes - Control up to 20 thermostats, per home, from within the app. The thermostats will work together to save energy and coordinate Auto-Away. 

Nest Cam and the second generation Nest Protect are available for purchase now at, as well as from a range of retail partners, including Amazon, Best Buy, Google Play, The Home Depot, Lowe’s and Target in the U.S. The Nest Aware with Video History subscription is available exclusively at or through the Nest app.