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    4 Ways to Unleash HVAC Employee Creativity

    July 10, 2015
    Empowering your employees while maintaining order doesn’t have to be difficult. Maximize your company’s potential with these four tips.

    As the old adage goes, you’re only as strong as your weakest player. Last month, I touched on how to build a winning team, but today I’d like to focus on making the most out of your company by maximizing your company’s potential. To do this, it’s necessary to fully utilize the talents of your employees. The key is to empower them while maintaining reasonable organizational control, allowing them to use initiative to respond to customer needs without endangering the company’s reputation. So, you’re asking yourself, how’s it done? How can this be achieved?

    Unleash your employee’s creativity using these four strategies:

    1. Be transparent — It’s important to let your team know what the vision, values, and mission of the company are. This allows them to know where they fit and how they can contribute to the overall picture. This provides most employees the confidence to act openly.
    2. Be honest — Performing in an ethical way is vital to ensuring that employees are able to do the right thing. They are free of pressure or temptation and know the rules of the game and what boundaries to respect.
    3. Be motivating — Rewards should be used to support the achievement of concise goals. Going beyond the call of duty in an ethical way is an excellent goal and needs to be recognized.
    4. Be nurturing — Promoting an ongoing learning environment is necessary to insure that learning is valued and continuous.

    These four steps are critical in removing organizational blocks and allowing for individual contribution, while maintaining managerial control. This allows a win-win situation. The employees are engaged. The company is protected and the profitable.

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