Line Set Duct Covering Provides Protective Options

Aug. 4, 2015
SpeediDuct protects line sets and drain hoses against UV light, dirt and insect contamination.

Franklin Electric Co., Inc. now offers new Little Giant SpeediDuctT line set duct and accessories to cover, protect and hide refrigeration line sets for both mini-split and ducted air conditioner systems.

Now available in white or ivory, SpeediDuctT naturally blends in against structures of similar colors or can be painted to match any exterior color. Multiple sizes
of straight duct along with accessories, such as elbows, bends, caps, and joints, provide a flexible solution around any problematic location or application. In addition,SpeediDuct is easy to install. One of its primary features, the patented SpinFix clip and rail system, allows the contractor to quickly secure the line set, drain
tubing and electrical wiring while the SpeediDuct covers are easily snapped on over the top. A variety of all-inclusive installation kits, including the new Flex Hose kits, also provide the contractor with everything needed to quickly and properly meet the need of the application.   SpeediDuct protects line sets and drain hoses against two destructive inhibitors to air conditioner efficiency. First, it is UV resistant, making SpeediDuct resilient against sunlight exposure which can cause non-resistant materials and surfaces to fade, crack or discolor. Second, a flush-fit outer design against the wall minimizes gaps that allow dust, dirt, insects and animals to enter and destroy line sets and drain hoses.