Allied Commercial Expands Z-Series and K-Series Product Lines

Aug. 14, 2015
Allied Commercial has expanded its Z-Series and K-Series product lines to include the introduction of a new 6-ton Z-Series rooftop packaged unit, as well as 14 SEER Z-Series and K-Series models that meet 14 SEER regional standards.   

Z-Series: Easy Component Access

Allied Commercial sources report how contractors have come to expect proven performance and smarter design features from Allied Commercial, and the new 6-ton Z-Series unit doesn’t disappoint.  Just like its 3- to 5-ton predecessors, the 6-ton model is designed for easy component access that takes the hassle out of service.  Smarter filter access allows for tool-free filter replacement and hinged compressor access panels cover the access opening when gauges are connected for a more accurate representation of airflow and reading of refrigerant charge. 

Thoughtful construction of features like the isolated burner compartment also means the Z-Series offers serious reliability.  By placing the burner assembly in its own isolated compartment, it is protected from moisture that could otherwise enter from the outdoor coil area, greatly reducing the risk of corrosion and rust on the burner and heat exchanger assembly. And, at up to 18% lighter than competing units, Z-Series units can save the time and expense of extra structural engineering costs—providing another competitive advantage. 

“When we set out to build the Z-Series, we had a few simple goals in mind.  It had to be compatible with the most popular curb size in the industry. It had to be easy to install, with matching utility connections. And it had to live up to the Allied Commercial reputation for quality,” said Nick Orth, Allied Commercial marketing manager. 

“Contractors have embraced this line and we continue to add more and more tonnages and efficiencies to keep up with their increased demands. The addition of the new 6-ton Z-Series gas/electric and electric/electric options completes the product family of 3- to 12.5 tons,” he added.

Z-Series & K-Series: Supporting Regional Standards

In support of 2015 U.S. Regional Standards, Allied Commercial has also launched a full line of 14 SEER single-phase, under 5-ton products and 14 SEER three-phase Z-Series models up to 5-ton.

“Keeping up to date with new energy efficiency standards can be a challenge,” Orth explained. “We want to make sure contractors know that Allied Commercial has the information, products and services they need to stay competitive throughout the transition period.”

Note: The U.S Department of Energy has changed the minimum efficiency standards for heat pump and dual-fuel packaged rooftop units manufactured on or after January 1, 2015 to 14 SEER, 8.0 HSPF and 81% AFUE across all regions.  For packaged gas/electric and electric/electric units, the minimum efficiency has changed to 14 SEER and 81% AFUE across all regions. The Southwest region also requires a minimum 11.0 EER efficiency.