The Importance of Ethics

Oct. 27, 2015
HVAC Learning Solutions expert Mike Moore discusses the importance of ethics for your organization’s success. Learn why valuing ethics in your business results in a highly motivated, productive, and successful team.

Being successful isn’t just about finances — it’s about moral success, too. From new hires to leaders — practicing and valuing good ethics is paramount to your organization’s ability to achieve excellence. Here’s why:

Because it sets the tone. Arriving to work on time, honesty with regards to inventory and supply management are great examples of workplace ethics. Set the tone of acceptability for the entire company by defining and solidifying ethical requirements in a code of ethics.

Because employees and customers see it. People flock to organizations that they trust and respect, because such companies set themselves apart from the competition. The importance of ethics starts with the leader, flows to the management team and supervisors, and is embodied by the frontline, resulting in a highly motivated, productive team.

Because it keeps you on track. The most important aspect is to ensure that you always do the right thing — regardless of the cost. This mantra can never be compromised, and if it is, the leader will have a hard time regaining trust.

Because it maintains cohesiveness. Positive actions aligned with the company’s ethics should be rewarded. Behaviors inconsistent with the core values of the organization must be addressed. Consistently following this clearly sets the tone for the company expectations, which leads to stronger morale.

Identifying the importance of ethics will result in a team that is very successful both in financial and moral terms and is viewed positively by your employees, customers, and community alike.

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