Meetings Can't be Boring!

Nov. 24, 2015
As a business manager, it’s up to you to set the tone for what company meetings will be like and how often they will occur.

Meetings can either bore employees or restore employees. You want to restore your employees, communicating company and departmental performance, offering consistent feedback on employee performance, and providing education on industry trends. Consider implementing the following meeting types to improve your business through better business acumen:

1. Company performance. Hold a monthly company meeting to discuss how the company is performing. This time can also be used to acknowledge company holidays, employee birthdays, work anniversaries, and to recognize employees who have done an outstanding job!

The award-winning Morris-Jenkins company of Charlotte, NC does it right. Its Monday-morning meetings get the day started with company news, recognitions, and heads-ups regarding service and maintenance. Photo by Terry McIver

2. Departmental performance. Hold weekly departmental meetings to discuss how the department is performing against their goals for the week and the month.

3. Daily check ins. Have a daily check-in meeting with each employee, particularly when he or she is new or working on a major project. The supervisor can review their performance from yesterday and preview today’s performance. This inspires open communication and gives the employee the opportunity to share three “ups” (what is going well) and “three” downs (what needs improvement).

4. Economic education. Once a quarter, give employees a chance to learn a little about finances. This helps them understand the bigger picture of business workings and how their work affects company results.

As a business manager, it’s up to you to set the tone for what company meetings will be like and how often they will occur. So take advantage of the chance to communicate, educate, and inspire your employees with these four meeting types.

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