Drain Trap by RectorSeal Prevents Indoor Flooding

Dec. 1, 2015
The patented SureSeal Plus offers 2 and 3-inch-diameter sizes to accommodate most commercial and residential floor drains.

RectorSeal's SureSeal product line has introduced SureSeal Plus, the plumbing industry's only waterless in-floor drain trap seal with an added check valve to protect against property-damaging water back-ups.   

SureSeal® Plus

The patented SureSeal Plus offers 2- and 3-in.-diameter sizes to accommodate most commercial and residential floor drains. Its sturdy EPDM, water-blocking check valve flapper and housing is designed to withstand up to five-feet of head pressure. Besides flood prevention, it also uses first generation SureSeal's waterless trap seal technology to block toxic sewer gas and insects from infiltrating occupied areas.  

Its unique ASSE-1072-compliant design uses a built-in ½-inch-diameter airlock vent to relieve pressure for proper drain operation. However rising water during a flood event floats SureSeal Plus's buoyant rubber ball check into the airlock vent opening and blocks seepage through the vent.

SureSeal Plus’s quick and easy installation requires push fitting into the drain opening. Then, a 3/8th socket wrench is required for turning an accessible center nut that expands the SureSeal Plus housing outward against the floor drain's interior wall surface for creating a tight gasket-like seal.

SureSeal Plus is the third introduction to the SureSeal product line, which began in 2005 with the original SureSeal, an ASSE-1072-compliant, waterless floor drain trap seal protection device that eliminates toxic sewer gas and insect infiltration into occupied areas. In 2015 SureSeal introduced its second product, Vent-Guard, the industry's first plumbing vent stack device for eliminating toxic sewer gas and odor egress and migration to nearby rooftop HVAC system outdoor air intakes.

SureSeal products are sold only through traditional plumbing wholesalers and is supported by RectorSeal's customer and technical support departments at 800-231-3345 or