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    DiversiTech Introduces New Line Up of Genteq HVACR Residential Motors

    Dec. 4, 2015
    Genteq PSC motors and the Evergreen ECM motor line now join DiversiTech’s Wagner brand residential motor line.

    DiversiTech Corp., a leading manufacturer and supplier of HVACR parts and accessories, announced today that it is adding two motor lines under the premium Genteq brand to its family of residential motors. The addition of the Genteq motor lines provides distributors and contractors with a trusted, nationally recognized brand name known for quality and innovation. DiversiTech’s expanded motor portfolio means distributors and contractors now have greater product choices and selling options for their customers.

    A family of Genteq PSC motors and the Evergreen® ECM motor line now join DiversiTech’s highly popular Wagner® brand residential motor line.  Both Genteq motor lines are built from the same trusted, field-proven technology found in millions of OEM systems nationwide.  Genteq, a brand of Regal Beloit, was originally known by the General Electric name for more than 20 years. 

    The Evergreen family is a high-efficiency ECM aftermarket motor designed to replace factory X13 or PSC blower motors in HVAC systems.  This technologically innovative product provides customers the comfort and efficiency of ECM in an easy-to-install replacement motor.  The PSC motors are known for their long-lasting durability and are an excellent solution for a majority of the residential HVACR motor replacement market.  

    “The addition of these Genteq lines provides distributors and contractors with two major benefits: a proven and innovative motor brand they can trust for quality and durability, and a wider selection of motors to choose from that can help meet the comfort, efficiency and price point needs of their customers,” said DiversiTech Marketing Program Manager Jim Kitchen. 

    The addition of the Genteq lines also allows distributors to consolidate Genteq product purchases with their purchases of other DiversiTech products all from a single source. 

    “As a premium brand, it’s important to partner with like-minded companies such as DiversiTech who share our values for quality and innovation. We’re excited about the benefits this partnership will bring to distributors, contractors and homeowners alike,” said Don Korjenek, Distribution Marketing Director for Genteq.

    Distributors wanting to order product or desiring product information can contact their local DiversiTech manufacturer representative or visit www.diversitech.com