Life on MARS: New Training Website for MARS, Comfort-Aire, Century

Dec. 10, 2015
The site provides training for MARS, Comfort-Aire and Century branded equipment.

Training for MARS motors and components, and Comfort-Aire and Century-branded HVAC equipment, is now available on demand, with the launch of a new online training site, MARS University.

The interactive site is the repository for all the company’s self-directed training courses, allowing distributors, dealers, installers and sales personnel to learn about a wide range of topics via an easy-to-use platform that’s available at the user’s convenience.

“The site was developed because we recognize that training is an essential part of keeping up to date in today’s HVAC industry,” said Frank Mehler, Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing. “But we also know service techs and distributor personnel can’t always get away for off-site seminars. MARS U makes it easy for them to learn about industry trends as well as our company’s products—on their own schedule.”

Training modules include such topics as application overview, installation and operation of specific products, service issues, use of software, how to sell tips, and more. Links to manuals and other related documents are included with each course, for a fast connection to useful reference material.

MARS U can be accessed at Access to MARS U is free and limited to individuals in the HVACR industry. All that’s required is registration to set up a user name and password.

The online platform allows for immediate feedback, as well as rewards for successful completion of courses. CEU credits are available for certain courses, and many others pay participants “Blue Bucks”, monetary awards of $1 to $5, depending on the length and complexity of the individual course. A brief quiz at the end of each course verifies that the participant understands the important points or concepts, and determines whether CEUs or Blue Bucks are awarded.

A participant can take a course when it’s convenient and revisit that course as often as desired to review the information covered. The online platform maintains a list of all courses that the individual has taken for reference.

Mehler adds that new courses are constantly under development and will be added to the site on a regular basis.

Motors and Armatures Inc. (MARS) is a commercial and residential HVACR motors and components supplier established in 1946, and the parent company of the Comfort-Aire and Century brands of residential and commercial HVAC equipment which have a history spanning more than 75 years.