ARS to Recognize HVAC Workers on National HVAC Tech Day

June 17, 2016
More than 300,000 certified technicians inspect, service, and install HVAC systems in America.

MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 15, 2016 — American Residential Services (ARS), a leading national provider of HVAC and plumbing services is celebrating National HVAC Tech Day on June 22, 2016, to honor hardworking HVAC professionals everywhere, the true heroes of summer.  Help us thank the men and women who keep us comfortable year round, by taking a picture with any HVAC tech and posting it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

More than 300,000 certified technicians inspect, service, and install HVAC systems in America. They help homeowners choose the right energy efficiency heating and cooling system and provide regular maintenance to keep it running at peak efficiency. Working with a trained professional helps homeowners save on their energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint, and help keep their home comfortable throughout the year.

During the summer, technicians must maintain a clear head and nimble fingers while enduring sweltering heat to restore a homeowner’s comfort when it is most critical.  They work in stuffy attics, dusty basements, and tight crawl spaces to evaluate ducts, repair wiring and replace worn or defective parts. Depending on the age and condition of the building, they may run into anything from dust, debris, and cobwebs to pests, mildew and very close quarters.

“People don’t think about their air conditioning until it stops working. Fortunately, there are hundreds of HVAC professionals committed to keeping consumers happy,” said Chris Mellon, CMO and senior vice president of marketing at ARS. “On June 22nd, we hope Americans and the entire HVAC industry will join us in honoring these amazing pros before the blistering heat of summer when they work long hours to keep homes cool and comfortable.”

This year, summer temperatures are on track to be hotter than average.  This increase in demand on HVAC systems and can lead to service interruptions without proper servicing. According to the Consumer Energy Center in California, HVAC systems consume more than forty percent of the consumer’s utility bill. However, regular servicing and system upgrades, not only saves homeowners money but also maintains desired comfort levels.