4 STEPS to Get and Keep the Best HVAC Employees

June 28, 2016
When you have gone through the interviewing process and found a candidate that you believe is truly stellar, do whatever it takes to get him or her on board.

Attracting and retaining top talent is a challenge for any contractor, indeed for any business. And, success in this area is arguably the most critical component of your company’s prosperity.

At Jon Wayne we are constantly building and improving our hiring process. Over the years, we have developed a handful of core strategies that have helped us to create one of the most successful home service companies in San Antonio.

Here is some advice on how you can implement similar systems in your business so you too can attract and retain the best employees:

1. Never, ever, stop recruiting Hiring isn’t a function that should stop and start based on your needs. You must be searching for and attracting top talent 24/7/365. Good employees are incredibly difficult to find, so you can’t afford to wait
until you are in need of help to begin the recruitment process. Constantly run recruitment efforts to ensure you stay top of mind and can fill the right seats when the time arises.

2. If you find an ideal candidate, bend over backwards to make it work
When you have gone through the interviewing process and found a candidate that you believe is truly stellar, do whatever it takes to get him or her on board.

The perks and incentives that you can offer the candidate will be particular to your company and their situation and specific needs. They may include financial assistance with relocation, being flexible on wages, or increased benefits (such as vacation time). The best candidates will have offers from many different companies, so if you can meet their unique needs, you stand a better chance of being chosen.

3. Hire for attitude and desire, teach the technical skillset
You likely have many technical positions in your company whose skills can be taught to a worker who is willing to learn. What can’t be taught (and is more valuable) is a positive mental attitude and a desire to contribute. At Jon Wayne, we aim to hire candidates that possess the latter attributes, and we train them in the technical components of the job.

That’s why we built the Jon Wayne Academy for Technical Excellence, which teaches a new tech everything they need to know for a successful career in the heating and air conditioning business. Many new entrants have very little experience in the HVAC industry. After the completion of the program, they are experts.

4. Make sure you take care of your employees – they are your most valuable asset after all!
This goes without saying, but once you have taken all the trouble to hire a great employee, focus on making his or her experience at your company the best it can possibly be.

At Jon Wayne, we arrange for each new tech to receive a NATE certification, and offer a wide array of other benefits to our employees, such as medical, dental and vision insurance, six paid holidays, vacation pay, an on-site fitness center, a late model company vehicle to take home, and much more.

Don Rackler is the founder of Jon Wayne Heating and Air Conditioning, San Antonio’s largest residential AC and heating company. He started the company in 2001 and is a regular guest on KENS5’s Great Day SA and MiCasa Makeover programs. Recent awards for Jon Wayne include Bryant Dealer of the Year and The Bryant Medal Of Excellence.