Are Your HVAC Technicians Selling or Reading?

July 21, 2016
If you want your technicians to sell, train them to do it correctly.

Based on a true story.

The HVAC technician arrives at the home for an AC clean-and-check. He's late, but says nothing about it. After approximately one hour, at least 15 minutes of which is spent in the van or on the phone, he presents his report and "recommendation." The entirety of his report is, "everything looks good."

Other than the fact that the homeowner feels that hardly any time was devoted to the clean-and-check to justify a $120 fee, the homeowner is startled by how poorly the technician makes his "recommendation." The "recommendation" consists of reading from a brochure about an indoor air quality product. Cost for the product would be $1200.

The technician reads an assortment of bullet points and column headings that list the allergens and other air impurities the new device will eliminate. The homeowner wonders if this is the first time the technician has even seen the brochure. He asks no questions, such as, "Is your home dusty? Do you have allergic reactions at home more than you do in other places? Does your home often smell musty?"

He mentions the price without any mention of financing, such as, "Let me show you how we can break that $1200 into manageable monthly payments."

Do Or Do Not
There is of course, no guarantee that the homeowner would have purchased the IAQ product were it presented properly. But, you get the point.

The homeowner can't help but wonder if the technician was given any dedicated tutoring on how to present the product.

If you want your technicians to sell, teach them to sell correctly and with confidence.

What do you think? Tell us below how you teach technicians to sell, if that's what you want them to do. Note: this is not about whether or not you feel they should be selling, only about how they're trained to do so.