Improvements Incorporated into Refrigerant Recovery Machine for Cooler Operation

Sept. 12, 2016
Improvements to Appion's refrigerant recovery machine provides performance increases. 

The G5Twin, from Appion, a longtime leader in refrigerant recovery, is more reliable than ever, thanks to several several internal design improvements, resulting in huge performance increases (verified by Underwriters Laboratories to AHRI 740). With an all new fan blasting over 600CFM of cooling airflow, the G5Twin operates up to 50F cooler, for maximum reliability and speed, even in high ambient conditions.

Appion sources report that independently verified rates from UL show that the G5Twin can recover R410A at up to 20.50 lb/min using Push Pull, and 17.20 lb/min Direct Liquid. Unique in recovery machines, the G5Twin’s refrigerant isolated crankcase prevents cross contamination and protects the bearing lubrication, creating a highly reliable package that’s only 24lbs, which makes it easy to get on and off the job site.