Aire Serv

Oregon-based Aire Serv Franchise Wins Multiple Awards

Nov. 10, 2016
The Top Gun recipients represent the top 10 percent of Aire Serv franchise owners across North America.

Chris and Dona Rattray, owners of Aire Serv of Marion County (Salem, Ore.), were presented with the President’s Award and Top Gun recognition by the Aire Serv corporate office at the 2016 Dwyer Group International Conference held Sept. 11-14 in San Antonio, Texas. Dona also earned the Woman of the Year Award at the conference.

Chris and Dona Rattray received the Aire President's Award.

The President’s Award is presented to the franchise owner who is hand-picked by the President of Aire Serv, Steve Truett, to reward them on an outstanding performance on all levels throughout the previous year. This franchisee has set a prime example for the brand and excels on all levels of operations.

“This recognition would not be possible without a team committed to leadership and professionalism,” Rattray said. “We graciously accept this award, and will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.” 

“It has been a pleasure watching Chris and Dona grow their business this past year on leadership principles and our Code of Values,” said Truett. “They are always looking for innovative ways to operate their business, and they are always willing to share their experiences and expertise with other franchises.”

The Top Gun award goes to franchise owners who achieve sales and reach operation benchmarks. The Top Gun recipients represent the top 10 percent of Aire Serv franchise owners across North America.

“The idea of ‘Top Gun’ was established by the Navy in the 1960s as a way to give training and credit to elite fighter pilots,” said Truett. “Taking a page from the Naval Top Gun Program, each year we recognize our franchise leaders for their accomplishments and dedication to the trade. It takes dedication, hard work, expertise and commitment to reach the Top Gun level and we are honored to have these winners on our team.”

Each year, one standout female franchise owner is awarded the designation of Woman of the Year by consistently setting an example for other franchisees through continuous efforts to strengthen and support her franchise.

“Woman of the Year is a unique distinction for a woman within Aire Serv who has encouraged her associates and coworkers, male and female alike, to thrive in the service industry,” said Truett. “We love watching the Aire Serv brand grow, especially with more and more women contributing to our success every year.”

“Receiving this award is an honor,” said Dona. “I work hard every day committed to the company, and always try to bring out the best in people. I strive to be a true leader and will continue to do great things.”