5 Ways to Become a Vital Organization

Dec. 5, 2016
A vital business is one referred by customers, bragged on by employees, and supported by investors.

In order to be successful in today’s competitive business environment, an HVAC business must be a vital place in which to work, shop, and invest. A vital business is one referred by customers, bragged on by employees, and supported by investors. The following five characteristics lead to partnering, leadership, and trust, resulting in a vital organization.

1. Focus on the Customer
A successful organization emphasizes the customer. The customer is the center of every action that the dealer takes. Processes, procedures, and policies revolve around strong customer focus.

2. Embrace Change
As I have highlighted in previous articles, the dealership is able to maintain vitality by embracing change. It is the No. 1 business issue facing a company in today’s turbulent times. Successful companies not only accept change — they actively chase continuous improvement. 

3. Be a Learning Organization
Learning is also an important part of creating a vital organization. Learning on the part of all employees — from the owner to the installer — is actively encouraged. This constant learning allows both the individuals and the company to grow.

4. Promote Effective Teamwork
Another important characteristic of the vital organization is effective teamwork. There are no silos present in the company. Instead, there is communication and cooperation between the various departments. This results in an understanding of the company’s game plan.

5. Have a Winning Attitude
Displaying a winning attitude is important to a company being a vital organization. The employees have a can-do attitude. The business owner leads the way by being positive, no matter what the circumstances might be at the present time.

The embedding of these characteristics in the dealership allows the organization to satisfy customers, encourage employees, and achieve profitability. How vital is your company? 

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