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Delivering a Powerful Message

Jan. 5, 2017
Be passionate. Convey a common purpose. Describe what's in it for the audience. Include a call to action.

Looking for a more effective way to get your point across — with an employee, coworker, or a customer? The key to success is the ability to deliver a powerful message. In order to do this you must:

Be passionate — Passion is the number one factor in successfully conveying your point of view to your audience, and possessing the ability to connect to the audience is just as critical. This is the aspect of presenting that keeps the audience focused on your message.

Convey a common purpose — Determine what you want to get out of the message and define what the audience is looking to get out of the message. This allows both you and the audience to walk away feeling that the interaction was mutually rewarding.

Describe what’s in it for the audience — Always remember that at the end of the day, it's about the audience and successfully addressing the "what’s in it for me" aspect. After all, the presentation is for the audience and not you.

Include a call to action — Ensure that the message has a clear call to action. What information have you given to your audience that they can use right away? Is it something they should stop or start doing?

Following these four points will allow you to be more effective in delivering powerful messages. It's a skill that's incredibly useful to possess, whether you're interacting with customers on service or sales calls or simply communicating with employees in your own office. Be focused, be passionate, and most importantly — have fun!

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