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    Blogging Can be Easy

    Jan. 10, 2017
    Not sure what to blog about? Keep it simple, and rich with keywords.

    According to Webster's, a “blog” is “a website on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences”, typically written in an informal, conversational style. Blog-smog… don’t get hung-up or freaked-out about blogging. A blog is nothing more than a micro-site, and is basically the same as just adding another page to your website, with a date and time stamp.

    Blogging is a simple way to strategically add practical content in your own voice  to resonate with your target clients/prospects.

    The key to your website’s success is content, content, content. CONTENT IS KING, and you should always be adding and improving content on your site. Blogging is a simple way to strategically add practical content in your own voice strategically to resonate with your target clients/prospects. It’s as easy as adding a section on your site called “Blog”, then just starting!

    Don’t worry about being a Pulitzer award-winning author, or penning the next great American masterpiece. In fact, if you’re uncomfortable “writing”, just use a dictation app, and start talking about things that your prospects care about. Don’t worry about getting comments back either; most likely you won’t most of the time. Remember the goal; lots of unique pages on your website, so that Google can index as many pages as possible.

    Not sure what to blog about? Keep it simple. Focus, focus, focus. Make sure it’s “keyword rich”, with search terms, words, and phrases that your prospect is using and ones you want Google to serve-up your website to them.

    Some good blog subjects might include:

    • Recent completed jobs that had challenging, or even just “cool”, elements that you want to show-off, and/or get more of the same type.
    • “How-To” articles that are relevant to your company; i.e. how to replace your filter, how to clear around your AC, etc.
    • Great customer experiences or testimonials, with photos, that go beyond just reviews, highlighting a type of job you want to highlight.
    • Industry specific trends or events that you tie to your company to demonstrate you are keeping up with the latest and greatest training, techniques, products, etc.
    • Charitable events or donations that support your local community, and keep it fun and personable, not stuffy or too formal.
    • Major company events like parties or picnic, additions or remodeling, new services, new team members, and anything that shows you’re growing, very active, and having fun.

    TIP: Always be reinforcing the “keyword” terms, words, and phrases that tie-back directly into what you want Google to find when a prospect is typing in their search box.

    Bottom line, blogging is a key, crucial strategy to adding unique pages to boost your relevance and search results in Google, and resulting in more clicks and more business. Keep blogging! (Or, start if you’re not!)