Your HVAC Organization: A 'Group' or a 'Team'?

Feb. 14, 2017
As a business owner or manager in the HVAC industry, it is good practice to evaluate the effectiveness of the people that you are working with in your organization from time to time.

As a business owner or manager in the HVAC industry, it is a good practice to evaluate the effectiveness of the people that you are working with from time to time. Are they interacting with each other like a group, team, or high-performance team? Let’s evaluate the top attributes of each function.


  1. Are gathered together or in the same place.
  2. Are connected by shared activities or interests.
  3. Are a number of people related in some way.


  1. Have a strong sense of mutual commitment.
  2. Generate performance greater than the sum of its individual members.
  3. Consist of individuals working together toward effective team achievement.

High-performance teams:

  1. Have a strong sense of participatory management.
  2. Value diversity and experience.
  3. Have a relationship that allows the team to work both efficiently and effectively.

Now, which of these scenarios are present in your organization: Do you have a group of people assembled who show up each day? Do you have a team of people who show up and display their understanding of common goals? Or, do you have individuals who are involved in conscious leadership? Are they effectively involved in making decisions and do they have open and honest communications? Examine your organization and determine what actions can be taken so that it can become a high-performance team.

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