Daikin North America at AHR Expo: 'Air Intelligence' a Unifying Message

Feb. 28, 2017
Daikin is reaching out to dealers and contractors daily, to learn about products, obtain training, and learn the best applications for each.

During AHR Expo 2017, editors from Contracting Business, CONTRACTOR and HPAC Engineering interviewed key players in a variety of HVACR industry product sectors.

Here, we share the observations of Lee Smith, vice president, market & applications strategy, Daikin North America LLC.

Smith had much to say, because there's much happening at Daikin, the company that brought VRV to the US. First, Daikin has unified its product development around the theme of "Air Intelligence." He also says an "inverterization" of HVAC comfort products is taking place. Indeed, more split system manufacturers are applying inverter technology to their products, and offering residential and commercial inverter-based products.

Smith also provides an update on Daikin's Texas Technology Park, which is more than 4 million square feet, for training, sales and marketing, product distribution, and product research and development.