• Why Not Give Pinterest a Chance?

    Aug. 22, 2013

    Recently I had to make a stop at our local pool store because after returning from a two-week vacation, our pool had turned an unattractive shade of green. I received some really helpful advice on getting the algae out of our pool from the store manager, Jim. Previously I had gone to a bigger name pool supply store that has stores all around the mid-west and the person behind the counter told me I needed $100 worth of chemicals to get my water balanced. Jim explained that there are really only four chemicals that I need to keep my water crystal clear and chemically balanced. I ended up only having to spend about $20 on the supplies I needed at the time.

    I thanked Jim for being so honest and upfront about everything. He then asked that if I was really happy with my service if I could write a Google + review. I of course agreed and asked if the store had a Pinterest account too. “A pinter what account,” was his reply. I explained that Pinterest was a pin board style photo sharing website that allows users to pin and re-pin pictures of anything from pets to beauty items to household improvement ideas. I pointed to his photo album of pool/hot tub/sauna installations and told him that he could load all those photos on the store’s Pinterest page and have them link back to the store’s website. I just suggested that it would be a great way of free marketing. Who doesn’t dream about lounging by a pool in their backyard or soaking in a hot tub in December? I have a page on my Pinterest account where I post pics of ‘backyard ideas’ with the hope of transforming my yard in the oasis I’d like it to be. He seemed to really like the idea and hopefully I’ll be seeing a Pinterest account for the store soon.

    Have you thought of starting a Pinterest account for your business? You could post before/after pictures, and even pictures of employees hard at work. All the pictures could have a small description and could link back to your website as well. I know with Facebook and Twitter, the social media outlets can seem overwhelming but I would take a second look at Pinterest if I were you. It may give you more leads than you planned and you really have nothing to lose since it’s free to join.