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A Service Story

May 16, 2024
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How an HVAC Winner Rolls

Feb. 14, 2014
Advent Air Conditioning’s story is one of endurance and initiative. It’s about what comes from making difficult but necessary decisions, and doing what it takes to remain an HVAC industry leader in tough times.

When I last visited with Mike Douglas and his team at Advent Air Conditioning, Lewisville, TX, it was hot, hot, hot. The temperature was in the upper 90F-range, and the prospect of leaving the office to visit some job sites was not something I was totally looking forward to. Nevertheless, it was a great visit, and I returned back to Cleveland convinced that Advent Air Conditioning was "Residential HVAC Contractor of the Year" material. I was glad that we selected them for our 2014 award.

Mike Douglas

When I say that Mike Douglas and his team are HVAC "survivors," I don't mean they're surviving barely. They have survived with gusto, over 33 years of ups and downs, and planning, and disappointments, and relocations, and economic downturns. They've emerged from every challenge stronger and more determined than before.

As a leader in the Dallas/Ft. Worth residential HVAC market, Mike (who was originally from Indiana) and his wife Tammi — assisted by Dan Leising, Roger Barnhart, Matt Wikel, Edie Williams, sons Adam and Jared, daughter Brittany, and a team of 60 — are big-time service providers. They preach Quality, Honesty, and Integrity as they offer "comfortable solutions" to thousands. 

I realize many great companies practice quality, honesty and integrity. I only emphasize it here because it's Advent's stated creed, and is also one of the criteria for our Contractor of the Year award.

Advent Air Conditioning does everything that works: training, memberships in leading HVAC industry organizations, and a commitment to business management skills. Douglas will invest in whatever learning he can that will move his company one step higher in his goal of becoming a $30 million enterprise.

After 33 years in business, Mike Douglas reflects back with a keen understanding of what the company has meant to him and his family.

“It has allowed me a good standard of living for myself and my family. Even with all of the challenges, I can’t picture myself doing anything else. It has been very rewarding. It’s not a destination, but a journey. I love working to continually evolve and improve.”