11 Ways to Use Video in Your Company

April 7, 2017
Do you struggle to come up with ideas for company videos? It's easier than you might think. Topics may include answering frequently asked questions, the benefits of working at your company (for recruiting), customer testimonials, and more.

Do you struggle to come up with ideas for company videos? Here are 11 you can try in your business.

1. Answer FAQs

Think of the questions consumers ask. Check with your call takers and technicians for the questions they are asked. Answer them on camera. If nothing else, make a video selfie.

2. Make a Video Version of Your Web Copy

Wherever you find blocks of copy on your website, consider recording a video version of it. It could be voice over still images. It could be nothing more than a talking heat. Place the video at the top of the copy and give consumers a choice to click on the video or read the copy. For an example, check out ESPN where consumers can watch a video or read a story below the video.

3. Recruit Technicians

Video can be a powered resource you use in recruiting technicians. Make a video about the benefits of working for your company. Make another about the day in the worklife of one of your technicians. Make a video highlighting your company values. When you have a fun company event, video elements of it to highlight how people have fun at your company.

4. Tours

Use video to give tours. Give a tour of the typical HVAC system where you travel from the air handler, down the duct system, back through the return. Give a tour of one of your trucks, highlighting all of the parts and material that’s part of your truck stock, as well as the tools an HVAC technician needs, sending a subtle message that this is not to be tried at home. Give a tour of your office and shop.

5. Customer Testimonials

When customers are particularly happy following an installation or repair, ask if they wouldn’t mind repeating what they just said. Testimonials are important. Video testimonials are important and compelling.

6. Employee Interviews

Interview employees about what they do every day. Ask them what it’s like to work at your company. Video spouses for their views of the company and how their better halves enjoy working for you.

7. Differentiators

Make a list of all of the things you believe differentiate your company from the competition. Make a video about the differentiators. It could be as simple as a video of a technician putting on shoe covers while you explain why you consider them important. If you believe you dispatch and respond faster, you could make a humorous video about how fast your team responds.

8. How To’s

Video how consumers can program each of the thermostats you sell. Make a video explaining how to replace a filter each month (apparently video help is needed, given the frequency which many many filters are changed). Make a video explaining how to select a contractor and end with by saying, “Or, you can just call us.”

9. How Things Work

Explain how air conditioners cool. Explain how heat pumps heat. Explain how each of your IAQ products help clean the air in your home.

10. What’s Involved

Make videos explaining what’s involved in the work you do. Explain what’s involved in a system design (i.e., replacement sales), an installation, maintenance, etc.

11. Before/After

Videos are also great to show before and after shots from your installations. Include replacements of furnaces and air handlers as well as condensing units.

These are starter ideas. Get creative. Come up with your own unique perspectives. Most of all, get started. You can improve your videos over time, but something beats nothing. Share them on your website, on a YouTube channel, on Facebook, and through email.


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