Emerson Mobile App Toolbox Supports Field Teams

May 4, 2017
Apps include Copeland X-Ref™, Copeland™ Select, and AE Bulletins.
Emerson’s mobile app toolbox includes a growing number of free mobile apps designed to support contractors in the field and make using Emerson’s technology faster and easier. Emerson plans to
continue adding apps to the Mobile Toolbox, which currently have nearly a million downloads, creating a resource for contractors who are increasingly relying on smart phones during their business day.

Apps offered include Apps include Copeland X-Ref™, Copeland™ Select, AE Bulletins, HVAC Check and Charge and Sensi.

As the demographics of contractors shift and demand continues to grow for trained technicians, tools like mobile apps will help a new generation of HVACR contractors stay current on advancements in the industry.