Charlie Faunde
Charlie Faunde Lennox winner

New Jersey Man is Lennox Energy Savings Superstar

Oct. 10, 2017
Going off the grid once a week wins Charlie Faunde $10,000 in Lennox air conditioning products.

Challenged to suggest a creative summer energy savings tip, Charlie Faunde of Englewood, N.J., decided to implement “No WIFI Wednesdays” in his household, and his suggestion led to his designation as Lennox’s newest “Energy Savings Superstar.”

The Lennox 2017 “Energy Savings Superstar” Contest offered an opportunity for consumers to think about how they spend their time and energy, and suggest simple but creative solutions for saving money on their energy bills during the steamy summer months. Faunde’s idea of putting away computers and laptops and turning off cell phones and televisions one night of the week focuses on the family – creates an opportunity for more quality time with the family and saves energy at the same time. This is exactly the type of energy-saving advice Lennox Industries was looking for when it launched the North America contest, which ran throughout the summer.

“This year, we received hundreds of innovative, creative submissions; however, Charlie Faunde suggested a relatable tip that can easily be implemented in any household wanting to save money and energy, while creating an opportunity for more family time,” said Trent Davis, energy efficiency expert at Lennox Industries. “Since Lennox is a recognized leader in energy-efficient heating, cooling and indoor air quality products, the Faunde family can rest easy knowing they are receiving world-class Lennox innovations that will maximize their energy savings and will keep them cool for many summers to come.”

In order to qualify to win the contest, entrants had to describe their energy-saving tip in 1,000 characters or less, and submit a photo demonstrating their tip in action. The more creative and action-oriented the tip and photo, the better. As the grand prize winner, Charlie Faunde will receive:

  • $10,000 in Lennox cooling, heating and indoor air quality equipment (including installation)
  • a one-year supply of ice cream
  • four tickets to a water park near his home.

As this year’s winner, Charlie Faunde’s home heating and cooling system will receive a huge upgrade with the $10,000 in high-efficiency Lennox equipment, such as a Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC25 air conditioner and the Lennox iComfort S30 smart thermostat, both part of the Lennox Ultimate Comfort™ System.

Throughout the duration of the contest, from July 1 through August 31, hundreds of contestants submitted their tips along with photos of their tips in action via the Lennox Energy Savings Superstar Contest Website. Participants were encouraged to be clear, creative and above all, have fun with it. Lennox selected four finalists to compete in a head-to-head public vote on the company’s website from Sept. 18-24, to determine the grand prize winner.

The three additional finalists include:

“When my husband is tired, I request he lay down in front of the door to insulate against drafts coming from under the door threshold.”
- Laura Mahan [Houston, TX]

“We keep a bucket in our shower to catch the water and use that to water plants and veggies!”
- Jodi Scott [Snellville, GA]

1. Ordering Delivery or Take-Out (which means not using the oven or dishwasher)
2. Staying In Our Pajamas All Day (saving water by not showering and reducing washer and dryer usage as there is less laundry)
3. Our Kids Take Turns Fanning Mommy (cutting down on cooling costs or the need for an electric fan)
4. The Kids Love Playing A Fun Game Called "Pick Lint And Other Things Out Of The Carpet By Hand" (which cuts down on the need for Mom to vacuum) Please don't be jealous that you didn't think of these ideas first and please do not mistake our energy saving strategies for laziness. You too can live the life of an energy saving superstar! Always remember that it takes more energy to frown than it does to smile!”
- Tiffany Witherspoon [Schertz, TX]

Faunde’s tip garnered the most votes on the Lennox website during the designated voting period, topping Mahan, Scott, and Witherspoon to become the official Lennox “Energy Savings Superstar.”

About the Lennox Home Energy Report Card Survey
The results of the Lennox Home Energy Report Card survey are based on a telephone survey that was conducted by GfK Roper on behalf of Lennox Industries among 719 homeowners (ages 18 and over) within the U.S. during May 5-7, 2017. Full survey results are available upon request by calling Matthew Pardee at (214) 379-3709.