Readers Respond to Tariff News

April 10, 2018
Readers respond to our news on current and pending new tariffs on HVACR products and metal imported from China

We struck a nerve, or perhaps President Trump has, which he indeed excels at doing.

Readers chimed in on our news about increasing concerns over tariff hikes.

"Steel & aluminum are national security products in the first place. The US needs to be producing the steel and aluminum we need. That should be the primary concern." — pitman44

"Shame on us for using goods from China instead of supporting our own. I guess the executives will have to live with less, but we all know that will never happen." — CB

"Then buy American products." — BD

"Despite the nut case in Washington, International open trade will continue. The protests against protectionism have not adequately come forth from the three deep retailers that sell the off shore goods nor WE the consumer who will find equal product at substantially less cost from abroad. Why haven't we heard protests from Internet retail providers ? Obviously, import tariffs have failed to make their mark---admirably so.
Noting that our major manufacturing began with the robbery of French Chemistry and English technology, it is hard today to draw tears about China doing the same to us today. The game is up, unless we can provide the latest in technologies, produced under intensive robotics, and get such product on the market, but fast. All codes can be cracked, particularly, wherein Greed intercedes and we currently facing high un employment with an inability to purchase consumer goods. We must find a new reality
." — CW

"I'm sick of everyone bashing Trump because it's the thing to do.  I don't see anyone at XYZ Supply complaining because they're charging some poor sap over $6000 for a furnace and A/C he just paid $1600 for.  Dupont isn't complaining that they convinced everyone R-22 is bad for the ozone when in fact the hole in the ozone hasn't changed in 25 years. Just because NASA says something doesn't mean it's true.  Do your own research. Now they are going to phase out R-410 because of the greenhouse effect. They didn't know this before. Quit blaming Trump.  Look in the mirror. We're all to blame.
I live in Illinois, a BLUE state that is bankrupt, Chicago is a war zone and the governor's mansion should be built inside the prison walls so he won't have to move when he leaves office.  What has Trump got to do with any of this? Oh the democrats are soo soo great. NOT." — DR


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