Social Media Posting Ideas: 13 Ways to Increase Engagement

May 25, 2018
Used well, social can positively affect your business by deepening customer relationships and adding new customer connections. Read on to see some ideas on what works best for posting.

Used well, social can positively affect your business by deepening customer relationships and adding new customer connections.  Yet, many contractors fail to take advantage of the opportunities because they get stumped on what to post.  Here is the first of a multi-part series that will present dozens of social media posting ideas.

Posts to Increase Customer Engagement

The goal in increasing customer engagement is to get people to react to your post by liking it, responding, or otherwise interacting.  This raises your posts with your customers’ feeds.  Ask questions.  Post pictures of them.  Take polls.

1. Happy Customer Pictures – Take pictures of your customers after installations and service calls.  Post these on social media. 

2. Oldest Customer Pictures – Identify the customers who have done business with your company the longest.  Reach out to them, note how long each has been a customer, and ask for a picture so you can recognize their tenure.  Some will provide pictures.  Some will not.  Post the ones you get on the anniversary of the commencement of their business with you.

3. Customer Testimonials – Whenever you can get a customer testimonial, this is suitable for posting.  Ideally, the customer will write an online review for you.  Regardless, you can post their review, whether captured in video by a technician or from an email or note.

4. Positive Review Site Reviews – When you receive a positive online review, repost it in social media.  Say, “This was just posted on…”

5. Polls – Use the polling feature of some social media sites to conduct instant polls.  These polls do not need to be about the business.  You are trying to drive engagement.  Ask about local issues, local sports teams, holidays, the price of electricity, the hottest temperature your area will see this summer, best BBQ, best Italian food, etc. 

6. Pet Contest Pictures – People love their pets.  Invite them to submit pictures of their pets to your social media site and give a prize to the winner.

7. Book Recommendations – Make recommendations about books you have read.  Ask people for their recommendations.

8. Podcast Recommendations – Do you have a favorite podcast?  Recommend it and explain why.  Or, simply talk about a podcast episode.

9. Recipes – Recipes are always popular on social media.  Be sure to include pictures.

10. Household Tips – Another popular item to post is household tips.  This includes cleaning tips, decorating, etc.

11. Gardening Tips – Related to household tips is gardening tips.  This includes anything related to the lawn, plants, etc.

12. Weather Forecasts – Post a daily or weekly weather forecast.  If inclement weather is expected, post alerts.

13. Extreme Weather Reminders About Pets – When the weather is projected to be extreme, post reminders about bring outdoor pets indoors or ensuring they are protected from the elements.

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