5 Digital Marketing Trends for Contractors

June 28, 2018
Do the right thing: be aware of and implement the latest digital marketing trends. The prize could be more business. by Aromondo Mollindeo

Contractors that do not implement the latest digital marketing trends in 2018 are doing something wrong. They’re losing customers and missing important aspects of great marketing techniques to win them more business. That’s why the most experienced heating and air conditioning companies follow these guidelines to stay on top of their game and in the competition.


Did you know that half of Google searches are from mobile devices?  So you could just imagine how having a non-responsive and non-mobile-friendly website could affect your business negatively.

Think mobile and be successful on it.

Your website, however, should not just be responsive, but also fast. Check out the Google Page Speed Tool to detect how fast or slow your website is loading.

Why is website speed important for your site? It affects your website optimization. Also, spend time making a mobile web experience because it’s the main method that customers are engaging with contractors and other brands.

Bottom line: It is important to leave customers with great experiences regardless of the device they’re using to visit your content.


Security is a ranking factor for Google that strives hard in making user experience secure and safe.  In 2018, sites without SSL will be labeled “NOT SAFE.”

To prevent it from happening to your contractor website, comply with Google’s security rules by using an SSL certificate on your site.

Also, you may want to employ an emergency plan just in case security attacks occur.  Who are the people to contact? What are the contingency measures? What are the other things to employ for a correct response?

Overall, design your website with increased security to make it safe from hackers and threats.


Given the global mobile browsing and shopping trends, reviews are influential as a marketing and sales tool. Make sure to have at least 10 reviews on the GMB listing to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends.

Word of mouth advertising is a powerful digital marketing tool. Some leading customer review websites include Angie’s List, G2 Crowd and Yelp, as well as B2B customer and consumer reviews.

Why reviews are important? Acknowledging and soliciting customer feedback can retain existing customers and recruit new ones.  These reviews can increase brand loyalty and strengthen sales – but make sure you integrate them in your digital marketing strategy.

Consumer purchase decisions are influenced by online reviews, according to PEW Research survey (Online Shopping and e-Commerce, 2015).


Become personal with your potential and old clients.  For contractors like heating and air conditioning companies, they must be aware that homeowners want to connect with real people, not with businesses.

Be personable – both in person and social media. For social media, don’t just create accounts, but make sure to be the face of your brand and company. Also, share what your company is doing to your customers through videos and project posts.


Google is also considering where the searcher is located when searching. It also means that the local search results are also dependent on where the business is located when that particular search is done. Regardless if you’re frequently traveling to another city to provide your services, the search engine is going to display the local business that’s closest to the location that the user is browsing or searching.

Display your project done in a local area, and get authentic reviews in the cities where you want to promote or market your local service.

Heating and air conditioning companies should also consider staying local, especially that mobile search is becoming popular.

Win more businesses and stay in the competition by implementing the digital marketing trends that contractors like heating and air conditioning companies should be aware of in 2018. Remember staying local, getting reviews, improving user mobile experience, implementing security practices and being more personal.

Armondo Mollindeo is the co-founder and CEO at Elite Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning which has been providing AC repairs and maintenance to Las Vegas residents since 2005.