Use Social Media to Offer Promotions, Build Sales

July 20, 2018
One of the main purposes of having a company social media presence in the first place is to drive sales. You can certainly do that, just don't overdo it.

Used well, social can positively affect your business by deepening customer relationships and adding new customer connections.  Yet, many contractors fail to take advantage of the opportunities because they get stumped on what to post.  Here is the fourth of a multi-part series that will present dozens of social media posting ideas.

Obviously, one of the main purposes of having a company social media presence in the first place is to drive sales. You can certainly do that, just don't overdo it. Try to make no more than every seventh post more of a pure promotion for the business.  Here are a few promotional posting ideas.

1. Company Coupons – Periodically post dollars off coupons with an expiration date.  These won’t make your year, but the right coupon at the right time will get you a call or two.

2. Company Sales Promotions – If you run spring and fall promotions, post information about these on social media. 

3. Manufacturer Sales Promotions – When you participate in a manufacturer promotion, post information about it.  To make your company stand out and to be more compelling that all of the other companies participating in the same promotion, add a company match or boost.  For example, if a manufacturer runs a rebate, add an additional rebate from your company (even if you have to pay part of the manufacturer rebate).

4. Products Offered – In separate posts over time, highlight the various products you offer. This is especially important for accessories or system enhancements.

5. Services Offered – Similar to posting about products, post about the services your offer.  Seasonal services should be promoted each season.

6. Company Ads – If you run ads on broadcast TV or cable TV, post them on your social media pages.

7. Company Videos – Take full advantage of people’s desire to watch videos by creating very short videos you can upload to the video sharing sites and post to social media.  These can be as simple as programming a thermostat or a selfie video on the importance of annual maintenance.

8. Ancient Equipment Removed – When you remove ancient equipment, post pictures of it, including the age.  Estimate the amount of energy the homeowner will save each year going forward and note that if the replacement had been made a few years ago, much of it would have already been paid for in energy savings.

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