Use Variety in Social Media Postings

Aug. 2, 2018
The 'miscellaneous' category is where you post interesting, helpful and sometimes fun information.

Used well, social can positively affect your business by deepening customer relationships and adding new customer connections. Yet, many contractors fail to take advantage of the opportunities because they get stumped on what to post. Here is the final part of a multi-part series that will present dozens of social media posting ideas.

14 Miscellaneous Posts

 Some social media posts do not easily fit under other categories.  Yet, they are still worth including in your social media activities.  Some are industry related.  Others are simply random.

1. Consumer Education – Post consumer information pieces about the trade.  Post information about the importance of maintenance, how to select a contractor, why windows fog up, where energy is lost in a home, why a house has static electricity, and so on. 

2. Jargon Defined – Define the various terms used in the industry, such as SEER, HSPF, AFUE, Btuh, load calc, tons, and so on.

3. Industry News – Post news about the industry that might affect consumers.  Examples include information about refrigerant changes, the impact of tariffs, and so on.

4. Career Posts – The shortage of skilled labor affects everyone in the service trades.  It is up to everyone in the trades to address it.  One way is by pointing out the career opportunities available in the industry.  Encourage people to consider a career in the trades.

5. Local Trade Schools – If you have local trade schools, post news and information about the school’s HVAC program.  Get on the schools email list to learn what is going on. 

6. Humor – You can post humor, but do so carefully.  The best humor is self-effacing.

7. Motivational Quotes – Post motivational quotes you like.  If you can, find a picture related to your company to post with the quote.

8. Congratulation Messages – When you read or hear about someone or group in your community doing well, winning an election, winning a championship, and so on, post a congratulatory message.

9. Year-Round Holiday Posts – Almost every month of the year has a holiday you can post about.

10. Beautiful Pictures of the Local Area – Take a look at your community and surrounding area with new eyes.    Find some beautify spots and take pictures to post.  Often we forget to recognize the beauty of the places where we live.  This includes your customers.

11.  Restaurant and Local Business Recommendations – When you or someone on your team has a great experience at a local restaurant or with a local business, post about it.  Post your own review on your own social media pages and let the subject know you’ve done it.

12.  Industry Holidays – There are a number of industry holidays you can find online.  Post about these.  Make up your own.  How about Hug a Tech day?  Cool air day?

13.  Fun – Show your team having fun.  Show yourself having fun.  Fun is attractive.

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