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New from Ritchie: YELLOW JACKET Adjustable Temperature Probe Strap

July 9, 2019
This HVACR system service tool uses thermistor technology to accurately measure temperature on pipes as large as six inches in diameter.

BLOOMINGTON, MN – Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc., the leader in service tools for HVACR professionals and manufacturer of YELLOW JACKET® products, is proud to introduce the Adjustable Temperature Probe Strap.

For use with P51Titan and ManToothfamilies of Digital Manifolds, this thermistor-style Adjustable Temperature Probe Strap (67031) allows the user to accurately measure temperatures from -40F to 266F (-40C to 130C) on pipes as large as six inches in diameter. With a 6-foot cable length, the adjustable temperature probe’s far reach can provide measurements for a plethora of applications. 

Made in the USA and backed by a one-year warranty.

For more information, call (952) 943-1333 or visit the YELLOW JACKET website, here