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    Unico Launches Twist-Fit System

    Jan. 10, 2020
    New supply tubing simplifies and reduces installation time.
    January 3, 2020 – St. Louis, Mo – The Twist-Fit System™ is Unico, Inc.’s latest product innovation for their central air heating and cooling system. The fitted lock-and-release mechanism reduces installation time for contractors by up to 50%.

    “The Twist-Fit system is a game changer for our customers. The time and money they can save on labor, and even materials, will offer huge benefits. At Unico, we’re always innovating to improve our products,” said Brian Intagliata, Director of Technical Support & International Sales at Unico, Inc.

    The easy lock-and-release mechanism makes assembly easier and faster. The Twist-Fit couplings are now attached to the lengths of sound attenuator or aluminum supply tubing. The internal insulation and outer mylar jacket of the tubing are tucked into the rim of the Twist-Fit connector and the connection is secured with UL-181B foil tape.

    “Matching Twist-Fit couplings are attached to the desired plenum take-offs, outlet registers or additional lengths of tubing. To make a connection, contractors simply line up the tabs to the corresponding slots, twist and lock. It’s that easy,” adds Intagliata.

    The Twist-Fit System improves performance to suit both HVAC contractors and homeowners. Features and benefits descried by Unico sources include:

    • The Twist-Fit System, available for 2-in. supply tubing, fits in any space and complements Unico’s existing line of small, flexible tubing.

    • Tubing is supplied from the factory with couplings already attached, reducing installation time by up to 50%.

    • The easy lock-and-release mechanism creates a sealed fit, ensuring maximum performance of airflow and energy efficiency.

    • Twist-Fit System offers contractors the option to order exactly what is needed for projects, eliminating the need for extensive inventory.

     • Like all Unico systems, the Twist-Fit System removes 30% more humidity from the air, allowing homeowners to set a thermostat at a higher temperature, reducing energy costs.

     For more information about the Unico Twist-Fit System, visit unicosystem.com/twist-fit.

    About Unico, Inc.
    Since its inception in 1985, Unico, Inc. has dedicated itself to the production of quality products for the indoor comfort market. This dedication has made Unico, Inc, a leading innovator in superior heating and air conditioning products and, most notably, the small- duct market. Unico, Inc. is the leader in Small Duct High Velocity (SDHV) heating and cooling systems. For more information, visit www.unicosystem.com.