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Scorpion Broadcasts Cover Vital Issues

Aug. 18, 2020
The most recent podcast explains how to overcome consumer complacency during this election year.

The latest episode of The Sharpest Tool™ podcast, hosted and produced by Scorpion, Dan Dowdy, Founder of Built for the Trades, and Tim Flynn, Owner of Winters Home Services, share how to conquer seasonality during the election year, battle complacency, and make strategic decisions.

The full 17-minute episode can be listened to HERE.  According to sources at Scorpion, with the presidential election conventions coming up shortly, the content in this episode will be vital for home services professionals. 

Summer Webinar Series
Additionally, Scorpion's “Internet Marketing Essentials for Home Services Businesses” Summer Series webinar content features industry influencers Mary Jean Anderson, Tommy Mello, Kelly Schols, Ken Goodrich, and Ellen Rohr, along with Scorpion subject matter experts. Each webinar contains content that sources say will help grow a home service business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinars can be found here: 

Part 1: Building a Brand

Part 2: Marketing Technology Tips and Trends

Part 3: Building Your Team

Part 4: Finding Growth Opportunities in Daily Operations