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Neutra-Safe Introduces Tube Style Condensate Neutralizers

Feb. 25, 2021
Media sacks contain a blend of 99 percent pure calcite and magnesium oxide, which provides the most efficient neutralization possible, sources report.

Condensate neutralizers help to safeguard drains, sewers and septic systems, as well as treatment facilities from the acidic condensate produced by condensing boilers, water heaters and furnaces.

Neutra-Safe Corporation, based in Stoughton, MA, has redesigned its four-inch, tube style condensate neutralizers. Sources report the high capacity neutralizers now include all the same features that make Neutra-Safe’s two-inch models easy to install and service.

Features of the new design include full opening integral union ends, bi-directional condensate flow,  ¾-in. Female NPT inlet/outlet tappings and ¾-in. male NPT x socket fittings. The unit also comes with snap-in mounting brackets included. 

The redesigned CN4B-600C, CN4B-850C, CN4B-1200C, CN4B-2000C four-inch neutralizers are designed to facilitate the use of Neutra-Safe’s proprietary media sacks for simple recharging of the unit. This Neutra-pH media blend is a blend of blend of 99 percent pure calcite and magnesium oxide, provides the most efficient neutralization possible.  It eliminates clumps that can clog traditional neutralizers. The sack can be opened to release the media for use in Neutra-Safe’s older four-inch tube models. 

The best features of the original four-inch neutralizer remain, including a clear tube for easy visual inspection and patented integral union ends with O-ring seals for a leak-proof connection.

Neutra-Safe’s tube style condensate neutralizer line includes seven models, serving high-efficiency, gas-fired appliances up to 2 million BTUH input capacity.