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    HVAC CONTRACTORS: Share Your Best Residential Projects of 2021

    Oct. 6, 2021
    We invite HVAC CONTRACTORS to submit high-resolution photos and descriptions of their best residential HVAC replacement projects from 2021.

    As 2021 draws to a close, Contracting Business wants to share some of your best residential HVAC replacements with the rest of the profession. 

    We're asking contractors (not manufacturers) to submit good quality photos (taken with a camera, not a phone, for print use) and about 200-word descriptions of the residential project. Projects will appear on the CB website and in our December print edition.

  • Was this a basic replacement due to an out-of-date and inefficient system?
  • Was there a particular comfort and/or indoor air quality/efficiency problem you needed to solve?
  • What were some of the extra enhancements you brought to the installation to solve the problem? This could be indoor air quality, zoning, controls or other improvements.
  • Brands you turned to to make this project the best it could be.
  • We are including ducted, ductless and geothermal projects.

    This is not a contest, so all projects that include the above information -- with photos suitable for print use -- will be accepted. Some may be used online due to print space considerations.

    Send your project information (sorry, but we can't conduct interviews for every project) to Terry McIver, editor-in-chief, at [email protected]