Lennox Industries Launches Warranty Your Way™

Feb. 24, 2022
According to a recent study conducted by Lennox, "Warranty" was the number one frustration for homeowners.

RICHARDSON, Texas, Feb. 23, 2022   --  Lennox Industries is launching a limited warranty offering with customizable and complete system coverage for parts and labor.

By using the new, Warranty Your Way™ coverage, HVAC contractors' homeowner customers with Lennox comfort systems now have the opportunity to obtain labor coverage on eligible heating and cooling products, as well as more limited warranty and coverage options at no additional cost.

Lennox Industries sources claim Lennox to be the first and only heating and cooling manufacturer to provide the option to obtain three-year labor coverage at no additional cost. Traditionally in the heating and cooling industry, labor has not been covered as part of the standard manufacturer's limited warranty, a misunderstanding that can be a challenging experience for the homeowner.

"With the launch of Warranty Your Way, we are setting the new standard for HVAC manufacturer limited warranties and continuing Lennox's legacy of innovation in all aspects of the industry," said Quan Nguyen, vice president/general manager at Lennox Industries. "We're giving homeowners the transparency and peace of mind to feel confident about their warranty parts and labor coverage and keep their home comfort system performing optimally. Through our new industry-leading warranty offering, we're proving that perfect air isn't just something Lennox talks about—it's something we stand behind."

According to a recent study conducted by Lennox, "Warranty" was the number one frustration for homeowners. When a failure occurs, the average cost of repair is 85 percent labor and only 15 percent parts, leading to unexpected costly repairs for both the homeowner and dealer. With Warranty Your Way, Lennox is giving homeowners personalized, easy-to-understand complete coverage options and providing dealers with the market differentiation to help them stand out in a competitive market.

"Dealers are the core of our company, and we are constantly seeking ways to improve their business as well as enhance the homeowner experience," said Kim McGill, VP of Marketing at Lennox Industries. "The Warranty Your Way limited warranty coverage options provide customizable labor coverage packages that best fit our dealers' business models and the homeowner's needs, leading to stronger customer relationships and upward business growth for our network of exceptional dealers."

Additional labor coverage can be purchased through the Comfort Shield® program, which is provided by Service Net Warranty, LLC, part of AIG, and is transferable. For more information on the industry-leading warranty and coverage, visit Lennox.com/WarrantyYourWay.

*To obtain these benefits (outside of California, Quebec, and other jurisdictions where registration requirements to effectuate warranties are prohibited), eligible equipment must be registered within 60 days of installation (existing homes) or closing date (new construction). In California, Quebec, and other jurisdictions prohibiting registration requirements to effectuate warranties, eligible equipment automatically comes with the default parts-only Extended Limited Warranty and homeowners have 60 days from installation (existing homes) or closing date (new construction) to receive the alternative coverage that reduces the parts-coverage term but includes labor. Failure to register eligible equipment will not diminish the homeowner's warranty coverage if the homeowner purchased its eligible equipment in California, Quebec, or another jurisdiction that prohibits registration requirements to effectuate a warranty. Please read the terms and conditions for full details at Lennox.com/WarrantyYourWay.