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    Service Roundtable

    Topics to Avoid on Company Social Media Pages

    Sept. 12, 2022
    Make your company's social media page all about business, with no hot topics.

    Each month, the Service Roundtable provides a downloadable image you can use on your company website or that can be posted around the office as a reminder of some best business practices.

    This month, "Topics to Avoid When Running Your Social Media" identifies four areas that have traditionally been known to spark heated discussions or that are simply inappropriate. 

    1. Politics: Don't force your political beliefs on followers. There is no guarantee they will just shrug it off. They could go elsewhere.

    2. Never bad-mouth customers. Contact them privately should they post a complaint.

    3. Gossip is never appropriate, about anyone. Only deal in facts, and even then it's best to leave gossip to the tabloids.

    4. Religion: perhaps the most volatile topic. Avoid discussions or posts about religion while conducting business.

    The graphic is shown below. Copy-and-paste to distribute to your team as you like.