Julie Whitty


April 5, 2024
The winner is a service procedure that is most essential to ensuring the safe operating condition of a gas furnace.

We have a winner in our March HVAC Service Bracket Challenge!

Pick your favorite blowout game in that other big March tournament, and this one equals it.

After a month of grueling competition, Check Heat Exchanger Integrity emerged as the winning HVAC Service Procedure. It went up against Superheat & Subcooling in the Final Round. That's important, too, but not as critical to occupant safety as ensuring a heat exchanger is not posing any risk of leaking our carbon monoixde. 

The final score was 64% for Check Heat Exchanger Integrity to 36% for Superheat & Subcooling.

I'm very thankful that the majority of HVAC professionals who played are aware of the role I play in consumer safety, said CHECK HEAT EXCHANGER INTEGRITY.

We couldn't be more pleased. CHEI was our favorite to win and you players didn't disappoint. In gas-fired furnaces, heat exchangers play a crucial role in separating combustion gases from the air that circulates throughout the home or building. A cracked or corroded heat exchanger can allow combustion gases, including carbon monoxide, to leak into the indoor air, posing serious health risks to occupants.

"I came  to play," said an exhausted but elated CHECK HEAT EXCHANGER INTEGRITY. "I took it one  game at a time, brought my A-game, and left it all out there. I'm very thankful that so many HVAC professionals know how important I am to consumer safety." 

We appreciate all who voted for this essential safety procedure, and offer our thanks to all who cast their votes over the four weeks of this game.