Mike Agugliaro

Business Owners' Webinar by Mike Agugliaro: Work Less, Make More

Agugliaro is not only a mentor and business transformer, he's a highly sought-after and dynamic speaker, and is the author of three books

Mike Agugliaro — co-owner of Gold Medal Service, a $28 million home service business in New Jersey, and founder of CEO Warrior, a business mentoring and coaching service for home service business owners — will host a free, educational webinar on Tuesday, May 24 at 7 p.m. EDT.

Mike Agugliaro

During the live event — “Stop Being a Slave to Your Service Business: How to work less, make more and love your business again” — Agugliaro will share his secrets for success, including:

  • • The top five strategies to make more money and profit in less time
  • • The exact technique he uses to get 48 hours of productivity in a day
  • • Three ways to become a delegation master
  • • Ways to stop doing the mules’ work and learn what you, as a business owner, should be doing
  • • How to create wealth from your service business

"After starting Gold Medal Service, I spent years on the hamster wheel — working 18 hours a day, doing the same things over and over, and getting the same result: minimal business growth," Agugliaro said. "I was burnt out, and then I had the realization that I was the problem. Once I started to change my management style and focus, the business took off. Using the principles I’ll discuss in this free training, I took a struggling two-person service business and, in just 10 years, turned it into a $28 million dollar a year business with over 180 employees and 140 trucks on the road. I want to help other home service business owners get off the hamster wheel to work less, make more money and love their work again."

Space is limited for this free, online training, and these events reach capacity quickly. Interested home service business owners should register as soon as possible for this live event at https://ceowarrior.com/worklessmakemore. Only a name and email address is required to register.

Agugliaro is not only a mentor and business transformer, he's a highly sought-after and dynamic speaker, and is the author of three books, including The Secrets of Business Mastery. In addition, Agugliaro is the creator of Home ServiceMAX magazine, and he's constantly sharing his ideas and strategies on his blog, social media and on his Warrior podcast channel.

To find out more about CEO Warrior events and Mike Agugliaro's other business mastery offerings, visit CEOWARRIOR.COM.

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