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CONTRACTING SUCKS! And 4 Ways to Make it Better

by Matt Michel

Based on an unscientific survey, between 70% and 80% of contractors hate their jobs. This lines up with Gallup’s “State of the American Workplace” study and Deloitte’s “Shift Index” survey, which means our industry benefits from the faint praise that it’s no better or worse than most others. However, there are differences between the contractors who think contracting sucks and those who are happy.
While it varies, contractors dissatisfied with their work generally have no time, take no vacations, have no money, no fun, no future, and no exit.  Yeah, that sucks.

For too many, contracting sucks and then, they die.  For others, it is a rich and fulfilling profession overflowing with dreams, possibilities, opportunities, progress, joy, and flat out fun. If contracting sucks for you, change. Decide to do things different and reach out for help. The resources are available.  
In the end, a happy, meaningful career takes no more effort than one that sucks, and maybe even less.  Which one you lead is your choice.

If you want help, reach out to the Service Roundtable (  If you want lots of help, reach out to the Service Nation Alliance (  Or, call 877-262-3341.  


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