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Contractors in Social Media: A Proper HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Contractors in Social Media: A Proper HVAC Maintenance Checklist

At Contracting we’re always keeping an eye out for unique stories on social media. This week’s top tweets include a HVAC maintenance checklist for your customers, top-notch installation photos, and pie for everyone!


Help your customers prolong the life of their HVAC units by providing them with a check list like this one.

Your customers are used to having access to a lot of information right at their fingertips, with the help of smartphones and tablets. Make sure you’re offering a thermostat that can also be easily accessed away from home. The Sensi Thermostat by Emerson allows customers to easily control the temperature of their home from a smartphone, tablet or pc.

Check out some picture perfect installations in this gallery from’s Wall of Pride.

Need some tips and tricks for coil cleaning? Check out this gallery on 7 steps to Cleaner Condenser and Air-Handler Coils

A customer stopped by Air Comfort Inc., in Beaumont, TX , and dropped off some baked goods as a thank you. Do your customers every stop by to say thanks? Share your photos with us and we’ll share them here!

Do you have any interesting or fun stories or pictures that you’ve shared on Twitter or any other form of social media? Found any? Let us know and you could be highlighted in our next contractors in social media article! Send any comments or inquiries to [email protected].

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