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Contractors in Social Media: QSC Member Awards High School Student with $25,000 Scholarship

Contractors in Social Media: QSC Member Awards High School Student with $25,000 Scholarship

HVAC and Plumbing contractors have proved that they can be some of the most generous people around. Today’s top social media story is about a plumbing field day program that Sam Dowdy, owner of S&D Plumbing and QSC member put on for high school students in his community. Dowdy recognized the shortage of plumbers in the industry and is taking an active approach to solve the problem. Not only did he organize the event, he also awarded one lucky student a scholarship for trade school.

A Quality Service Contractors’ member awarded a high school student a $25,000 scholarship during Plumbing Field Day. Check out this video for more information.

Who says HVAC equipment is just used for HVAC installations? A wholesaler in Australia built this cool robot and used a Tecumseh compressor shell as the head!

Do you have an updated maintenance checklist handy to give customers? This list can be given to customers so that they remember to schedule their routine heating and cooling maintenance.

There definitely won’t be any hotdogs in this neighborhood!

Check out this blog that discusses how diffusers and terminal units affect open ceiling acoustics.

Do you have any interesting or fun stories or pictures that you’ve shared on Twitter or any other form of social media? Found any? Let us know and you could be highlighted in our next contractors in social media article! Send any comments or inquiries to [email protected]

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