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Contractors in Social Media: Top 10 Plumbing Urban Legends

This week's wrap up includes plumbing urban legends, an 80s Amiga that is still kickin', and the adventures of Johnny Tundra, Cold Weather Engineer!


Have you heard of these top 10 plumbing urban legends?

Say it ain’t so…an 80’s era Amiga controls the HVAC for an entire school district!

Apprentices to compete at PHCC Educational Foundation’s HVAC Apprentice Contest.

He's Back! A New Adventure of Johnny Tundra, Cold-Weather Engineer.

Think you know everything about plumbing? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

Do you have any interesting or fun stories or pictures that you’ve shared on Twitter or any other form of social media? Found any? Let us know and you could be highlighted in our next contractors in social media article! Send any comments or inquiries to [email protected].

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