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DiversiTech Acquires Quick-Sling LLC

DiversiTech Acquires Quick-Sling LLC

Sources say Quick-Sling has revolutionized the way furnaces, air conditioning units and air handlers are installed.

DiversiTech Corp., a leading manufacturer and supplier of HVACR parts and accessories, announced today that it has purchased Quick-Sling LLC., the industry’s premier manufacturer of mounting products for residential, commercial and industrial HVAC equipment.  The acquisition, completed April 12, provides wholesalers and contractors with greater accessibility to a suite of products that makes installation of air handlers and furnaces quicker, more affordable, more reliable and safer. 

“Quick-Sling and its approach to serving the HVAC community perfectly matches our own,” said DiversiTech CEO Jim Prescott. “Both organizations are driven by providing best-in-class products that can simplify and add profitability to both the wholesaler and contractor.  With this new partnership, DiversiTech adds another industry leading product group to DiversiTech’s broad consolidated offering in an effort to better serve our customers.”

“We are thrilled to join the DiversiTech family,” said Quick-Sling Founder and CEO Bill Crowley.  “DiversiTech’s reputation and distribution advantages will enable Quick-Sling products to reach a wider range of wholesale customers and contractors, which can provide multiple advantages, not the least of which is to help them grow their businesses.”

Sources say Quick-Sling, founded in 2011 and based in Massachusetts, has revolutionized the way furnaces, air conditioning units and air handlers are installed. Prior to Quick-Sling, contractors needed to assemble approximately 12 separate materials (steel beams, side beam hangers, washers, nuts and bolts, etc.) to create a functional and safe mounting system to support equipment.  Quick-Sling eliminates that time-consuming and costly need.  All Quick-Sling products come 80 percent already assembled.  Now, a process that used to take approximately two-plus hours, can take as little as 5 minutes, saving the contractor valuable time and money. 

In addition, Quick-Sling mounting products are rigorously engineered and tested.  This means contractors and their customers (homeowners, building managers, etc.) can rest assured that their installations will meet federal, state and local building and safety codes. Moreover, Quick-Sling Super Stand models are seismic-certified (when instructions are followed) and have an outstanding safety overturning factor compared with similar systems.

All Quick-Sling products are manufactured in the U.S. and patented for their engineering innovation.  Quick-Sling’s full suite of products spans seven different product lines:  Quick-Slings, Quick-Stands, Mini-Split Stands, Quick-Swivels, Wall-Brackets, Boiler Brackets and Super Stands. The company’s HVAC 12-in. Mini Split Stand is the number one selling HVAC stand in North America. Quick-Sling also offers a wide array of accessory products. 

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