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ENTER YOUR BEST HVAC Project In the 2015 Quality Home Comfort Awards

ENTER YOUR BEST HVAC Project In the 2015 Quality Home Comfort Awards

The Quality Home Comfort Awards recognize excellence in professional HVAC residential installation. We accept entries for ducted forced-air, radiant, and geothermal projects. Deadline for entries is June 15th.  

Contracting magazine started the Quality Home Comfort Award program 25 years ago. We pioneered and perfected the best way to recognize the very best in residential HVAC comfort system design and application: with project descriptions and photos showcased before an audience of fellow professionals.

The question for you is, do you care about showcasing your best work? Lots of contractors post photos on Twitter, but that will not reach an audience of 40,000 CB readers, and even more through our Internet site. Don't take shortcuts, go long.

It's time to step up and let your crew's best work from the past year be recognized by the largest audience possible.

Home COMFORT, installation QUALITY, and system SUSTAINABILITY are key requirements (This includes energy savings and indoor air quality as important parts of the overall consideration). We accept ducted forced air, radiant, or geothermal projects. (Sorry, we are not accepting entries for mini-splits or other non-ducted projects.)

UNIQUE IDEAS and PROBLEM SOLVING techniques are equally important. And start-up/commissioning procedures are key to the successful entry.


Enter soon. Entries are due by June 15th.


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