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Mike Agugliaro CEO Warrior

Fast Track Academy Coming to New Jersey

Agugliaro also provides a "swipe and deploy system" that includes all of Gold Medal Service's battlefield-tested marketing materials

Mike Agugliaro, co-owner of Gold Medal Service, and founder of CEO Warrior, a business mentoring and coaching organization for home service business owners, will host an intensive, four-day Warrior Fast Track Academy workshop May 9-12 in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

The workshop, to be held at the Gold Medal Services training facility on Cotters Lane May 9-12, features Agugliaro's blueprint to success, where he explains common roadblocks that stand in the way of true business success.

Attendees will receive a complete turnkey system with templates, worksheets, procedures and step-by-step strategies to take their business to the next level. Agugliaro also provides a "swipe and deploy system" that includes all of Gold Medal Service's battlefield-tested marketing materials that owners can personalize and start using immediately in their market.

“I developed the Warrior Fast Track Academy out of my own desire to spend more time doing the things I enjoyed, while still running a top-earning, reputable and reliable service business,” said Agugliaro. “Through my own trial and error with different business methods, I created an intensive workshop that pinpoints the struggles of service business owners and turns those challenges into game-changing opportunities.”

Aguguliaro is offering a full refund to home service business owners who attend and, after the first day do not wish to continue.

The Warrior Fast Track Academy will be a four-day, fast-paced, hands-on workshop giving participants the knowledge and tools they need to change their mindset, grow their brand presence, attract new business, secure repeat customers, uncover hidden profit centers, and find and keep the best talent. Agugliaro will demystify typical service business barriers that can stand in the way of success and show business owners how to rise above the competition without spending huge sums on marketing. “My promise is that I can show every attendee how to transform their business from a struggling enterprise into a household name if my blueprint is followed,” Agugliaro stressed.

Mike Agugliaro has been a featured speaker at many HVACR industry events, and has been a featured writer for and CONTRACTOR.

To find out more about CEO Warrior events and Mike Agugliaro’s other business mastery offerings, visit

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